Men's Rights in Family Law Cases

Maryland men's rights advocate Attorney Darlene Wright Powell is a staunch advocate for men. She understands that men sometimes feel that they don’t get a fair shake in the court system. Men have told her that the judicial system looks at men as being “deadbeat daddies”, that “the woman always wins in custody cases”, etc. Attorney Powell is well aware of these types of  pre-conceived judgments and perceptions and  does everything within her power to make sure that her male clients are aggressively represented in family law matters such as custody, divorce, child support and domestic violence cases. She works tirelessly to show the court not only the strengths of her clients’ legal cases but tries to personalize each client’s  case when presenting to the court so that the magistrates and judges don’t  look her client as “just another guy in a family law case”.

Attorney Powell has a special interest in outreach in the community to do what she can to educate and empower men by providing them with knowledge about how the family court system works in the State of Maryland. To that end, she makes herself available a certain number of hours each month in order to meet and talk with men’s groups  when possible. She will travel to local churches, fraternity meetings and barbershops. If you are member of a group who would like to have Attorney Powell appear, give us a call at (301) 464-6260 or send an e-mail inquiry through our website.

Co”First off, I’m a dad and I contacted Darlene because I needed counsel for a custody case after mediation did not go well. I was extremely nervous, but Darlene guided me through the process and represented me in court. As a result, I received joint legal and physical custody of my child. The main thing she showed me is that fathers have rights also. She later represented me in my support hearing and I believe the outcome was fair for both parties. Once the hearing was over, I was still able to enjoy time with my child without having to worry about finances. I always sing her praises when I have been asked for a referral. Darlene is absolutely the best! ” 
— Malik E.

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