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Child Support

Bowie, Maryland, Child Support Lawyer

Children have a right to be supported by their parents - whether the parents are unmarried, married, separated or divorced. Child support attempts to equalize the financial support a child would receive if the parents had not separated or divorced.

The Law Offices of Darlene Wright Powell, P.A. assists Prince George's County clients with understanding their rights or obligations under Maryland law. To discuss your questions about child support with a skilled family lawyer, contact Bowie, Maryland, attorney Darlene Wright Powell.

Maryland Child Support Calculations

In Maryland child support is calculated based on statutory guidelines. These guidelines take into consideration each parents' income, child care expenses, the cost of health insurance premiums and certain other factors. In some cases, the court may consider either an increase to or a reduction from the basic child support guidelines based on the factors in a particular case. Some of these factors may include expenses related to a child's special educational needs, other children supported, visitation and other needs.

Attorney Powell assists clients with all legal issues involving child support, including:

  • Paternity: Single mothers may need to establish paternity prior to establishing child support obligations. Attorney Powell is experienced in pursuing or contesting these paternity actions.


  • Establishing/contesting child support: The firm helps clients estimate child support payments and guides clients through the process of establishing or contesting child support.


  • Child support modifications: When there is a significant change in circumstances, such as a change in income (new job, lost job, etc.), it is often necessary to revisit and modify child support orders. Attorney Powell is experienced in handling child support modifications in Maryland.


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